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Welcome to Beehive Postnatal

Lactation support and infant OT for queen bees.

Hi there! Welcome to my first blog post! I'll be writing using this blog and website to write some informative blog posts for my clients and the general public looking for a bit of help.

A little bit about me:

My name is Jenna and I am a lifelong Bucks County resident. I went to Penn State University and met my husband there. Together we have two beautiful children and 1 dog named Leonard. I graduated with my master's in Occupational Therapy from Salus University. From there, I have worked with patients all across the lifespan and with varying abilities.

Why lactation?

I became passionate about lactation after the birth of my son in 2020. I was having many of the typical issues that might have led you to this post today (nipple pain, misshapen nipples, oversupply, difficulty latching, colic symptoms, reflux symptoms). During one of my many 3AM googling sessions of "why won't my baby sleep?" and "infant reflux" I came across tongue ties. I've heard of those before, I had a friend with one.. her tongue looked like a heart, my son didn't have that... boy was I wrong.

I came to learn there were different levels and severities of tongue ties. I quickly made a pediatrician appointment and was told, "No your son doesn't have a tongue tie. Tongue ties are fads. Crying is normal." So, on my way back home I went to suffer more in silence and confusion. Bouncing the baby all hours of the day and night, smooshing my breast to fit into his mouth, buying a snoo hoping he would let me put him down and not scream. Finally, I found my way to local pediatric dentist who looked under his tongue and said "Wow, he has a tree-trunk thick frenulum. You have all of the symptoms of the breastfeeding with a tongue tie. Let's discuss how to proceed."

We ended up getting that laser done and from there I had a few virtual sessions with a lactation consultant. She said to me, "It sounds here like I'm speaking to a colleague. You know everything I'm about to say already... Have you ever thought about being a lactation consultant?" and just her saying that to me opened my eyes that I need to help other women who are struggling like I did. From there I dove headfirst into coursework, textbooks, shadowing other LCs, joining mentorship groups, and eventually opening my own private practice!

I'm looking forward to helping any mother any way I can

I love working with growing families. My hope is that I can help my client in any way possible. You can book with me on my website, give me a call, or shoot me an email. Follow me in instagram and facebook and keep a look out for more informative blog posts!

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